Mehdi Rubber Industries is active in importing and distributing all kinds of raw materials of rubber industries

Rubber diaphragm, rubber couplings and rubber seals

Sammodi is a leading manufacturer in the production and supply of industrial rubber products, including rubber diaphragm, rubber couplings and rubber seals.

Our credibility is the production of several decades of our products, which are well known to us in this industry of industry leaders. The goal of the self-made manufacturing group is to continuously satisfy your loved ones in the production and supply of rubber diaphragms, rubber couplings and rubber seals. High quality and competitive pricing and timely delivery of orders are among the capabilities of Samadi’s collection. In the manufacture of rubber diaphragm products and other products, including a rubber diaphragm reinforcement fabric and a homogeneous diaphragm, we have been renowned for many years.

The function of the rubber diaphragm prevents the unwanted transfer of materials between the two places. These materials can be gases or liquids, etc. We are interested in our ability to diaphragm rubber and rubber couplings and rubber seals and other products with full guarantee and guarantee Offer our customers.

Rubber diaphragm:

One of the most practical and important parts in the rubber industry is its importance. Due to the performance of the rubber diaphragms and its operating conditions, especially the high sensitivity of these parts, the method and technique of its production and the type of elastomer consumed It has a very significant role in improving the final quality and the final result of its production. Samadi Industrial Group has been able to manufacture rubber diaphragms with different dimensions and thicknesses for many years and the aperture in different types and sizes has a significant part of producing this product in Samadi industrial complex.

Rubber Sealant:

Or counter-vibration often applied to pipelines in pipelines such as pumps, compressors and fans and turbines, due to its internal movement, and these fluctuations or motions or vibrations cause both noise and premature wear of pipelines Or other parts and problems that have been fixed due to the use of rubber seals. The rubber shimmer has the ability to eliminate the blows and shocks caused by the movements of the parts. Basically, they are used in very corrosive environments, although they also tolerate limited temperature and pressure, and sometimes rubber seals are used from electrical conductivity or from rubber seals in the chemical, pharmaceutical, outpatient, industrial industries. The oil and gas industry and the petrochemical industry are also used in the steel and automotive industry. Samadi Industrial Group has always considered quality and warranty and after sales service in the production and distribution of a major rubber seismic shaft as its first slogan. Other uses of rubber seals are more suitable for use in corrosive environments than other connections. The main application of the rubber shimmer is the absorption of vibration and unwanted movements in the pipelines and …. The use of rubber seals prevents the transmission of vibrations to other parts.

Rubber couplings:

The Samand Group also has a long history in the industry, which manufactures its products with modern high-end equipment. Always remember our old and new customers with quality and commitment. Rubber couplings are a piece of equipment used to connect between two shafts. For example, one of its uses in the railway industry. Rubber couplings are made from flexible rubber synthetic bumpers. Rubber couplings are widely used in power transmission systems and in all other industries. Basically, the rubber couplings are used at the points where it is necessary to transfer the force and, at the same time, to thwart the blows from the launch or the sudden stop of the equipment. The rubber couplings produced in the samovar complex with modern and modern devices, and in different colors, sizes and materials, are anti-aging, anti-oil, anti-acid and even resistant to saline water and so on. Solar couplings, seating couplings, polypropylene couplings, six-coupling couplings, eight-filled couplings and ten fillings, etc. are just a sample of couplings in materials and sizes and shapes.