Rubber shock absorber

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July 14, 2021

Rubber Sealant is another product manufactured in the rubber industry, which is used in various industries including chemical, carpet and textile, shipping and navigation, aerospace, automotive, oil and gas and petrochemical industries, water and power industry and … The river

Its application absorbs vibration and unwanted movements between two pieces depending on the industry.

Rubber shearers are tools that simultaneously absorb shaking, shock, sound and all expansion, contraction, tensile and angular movements in the system, which increases the level of industrial safety, especially the construction of the building, hot water pipes, Pipelines of chemical substances and tubes of oil and gas.

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Uses and Applications of Lenses in General:

Petrochemical pipelines
Steam power plants, combined cycle, hydroelectric and nuclear power plants
chemical industry
Marine industries
Food industry
Wood and paper industry
Power plants
Installations Industries
steel Industries
Cement industry
Thermal systems
Air conditioning and so on.

Vibrators are usually produced in two sizes: 1- They are produced in sizes 1/25 to 10 inches 2- Vibrators with a size higher than 10 inches with internal metal structure.

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