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The industry is honored by its indigenous industry and its products are now available to the relevant factories. To ensure that chemistry and polymers are constantly developed, the unit also aims to improve the quality of its products by upgrading all its machines by the beginning of this year, and all its technology to meet the needs of the internal market. The country is exporting from the machinery of the day machinery factory in the area of ​​1000 square meters. Also, this unit is equipped with a laboratory unit of tensile strength and material. This unit produces all of the polymer parts of Walst Mary and Rvzdnyatvlydnmvdh is so great Rabakyfyt. This unit is pleased to announce that we are the first manufacturer of a diaphragm hat with a wide range of materials. After many years of development, we have been working on a high level of scientific research in the field of consumer electronics and consumer electronics.

Our products are as follows:

Production of various types of coupling products:

  • Coupling G in different types of sizes
  • Egg coupling in different sizes
  • Coupling of eight different sizes
  • Ten couplings are available in different sizes
  • Twelve couplings filled in various sizes
  • Couplings in three sizes
  • Coupling the balance of the ship in one size
  • Coupling of vegetable oil in different sizes
  • Groove couplings in different sizes
  • Propulsion couplings of various sizes


  • The diaphragm of tile and ceramic factories
  • Orange diaphragm
  • Hat diaphragm in different sizes
  • CNG and LPG gas curtain diaphragms
  • Bowl diaphragm with polyester
Other types of diaphragms …

Production of various magnetic rod with different types of magnetism

Magnetic networks

Magnetic tires related to glazed ponds and oil drilling machines

Production of various types of polyurethane gaskets and various sections

Production of various types of dowels and different materials

Production of various types of industrial and non-industrial shocks in different materials

Tube manufacturing

Pencil cap


Evering with all the materials

Manufacturing of all rubber parts with metal fines

Whitewool hose clad on steel hoses with a thickness of 1 mm

Oil and gas production

The production of a ship in different directions

Manufacture of rubber bands

Overlaying of rubber and rubber rollers and polyurethane

Valves for cement factories

Production of rubber sections of 100 meters in meters

Production of types of silicon sections up to 10 cm in diameter

Import of various types of pvc tapes and so on

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