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Our Address: Tehran - South Nazim Altababa - Kotaneh Alley - Mansoor Al Hakma Alley - Kotane Passage - No. 11

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Rubber diaphragm|Rubber Couplings|Rubber shake


Samadi Group Collection:

This industrial trade unit is proud of its native science and know-how, its products are present and present to the relevant factories, and as the science of chemistry and polymers is constantly developing around the world, this unit is also in the process of upgrading. The quality level of its products has been upgrading all of its machines since the beginning of this year, and has provided all its technology to meet the country’s domestic demand and export, from world-class machinery to a factory of 1000 square meters. Equipped with laboratory unit, tensile and hardness testing and material testing.

صمدی گروپ تولیدکننده دیافراگم لاستیکی|کوپلینگ لاستیکی|لرزه گیر لاستیکیThis manufacturing unit has produced all the polymer and elastomeric parts etc. with high quality and up to date worldwide. The production unit proudly announces that it is the first manufacturer of polyester embossed aperture in Iran. Over the years, we have always strived to produce and commend the consumer in a state of the art technology.

Manufacturer of Rubber Diaphragm , Rubber Couplings , Rubber Seismic in Iran with the best quality and after sales service